Getting off from Europe


Okay. Is this stuff working? Right.

今日は! Enchantée! Nice to meet you! Schön dich zu sehen!

Welcome to my new fresh-opened website (I´m still excited)! Nice that you found your way through the million different pages that exist. I hope that you enjoy a little what you find in here.
There are hundreds of thousands different websites online and every day they´re getting more. And now there´s another one. Another site where you can read into the crazy thoughts of an overflowing teenage mind. So thank you for visiting my site, I´m honored that you spend a little of your leisure time with me!

You might wonder why an Austrian girl writes a travel blog about Japan in English (and you may have noticed the little influences françaises as well). So I should start with introducing myself, shouldn´t I? My name is Victoria, I´m a 16-year-old girl grown up in the countryside of Southern Austria (and no, that´s not where the kangaroos come from). In the middle of a green periphery I used to spend my time with ordinary daily life activities including music, sports and literature.  After some more or less unadventurous school years and struggles what to do with my life I recently got offered a huge chance to fulfill a big dream of me: To go abroad for some longer time and to experience a completely different culture. It has been my dream since I was a child to see as much of the world as I can. So you might not be surprised that I was literally over the moon as I got the opportunity to spend (probably) half a year in Asia, more accurate Japan and more exactly in the biggest centre of population in the world: Tokyo 東京, the city where you find high-tech buildings and ancient Asian traditions.

So the main purpose of writing this blog is to share my experiences with some people and to shorten the distances a little bit between the Asian and the Western world. At first sight Japan might look quite Western-adapted, but the society, the lifestyle and even the mind of people is completely different. It´s like entering a second life when you´re getting off the plane, checkin out your new environment and try to adapt to (or just understand) the new habits here.  At least if you stand at one of Tokyo’s huge crowded train platforms and feel like an illiterate because you can´t read anything you realise that some frightening new années de pelèrinage are beginning right here.

Tokyo is a labyrinth in order.  You can go everywhere there, whether to one of the popular big sightseeing streets or a twisty little alley, you will always find someone who can help you. Or at least tries to because the English skills of the inhabitants are usually not on the top (one good reason to study more Japanese). You could have therefore some difficulties to start here but as soon as you are more into the local behaviors you will not have any trickinesses.
I had gone to Tokyo several times before I actually settled here, so I know more or less the touristic side of the city. But I´m not yet used to some more hidden interesting places and I´m looking forward to exploring them in these huge Asian labyrinth. And I would love to share them with you!

So let´s jump into the materials and please apologize btw my non-perfect English as I´ve just written school articles in that language so far. It´s a possibility for me to improve myself by trial and error. I hope it´s quite understandable and proper to read.

Okay let´s get started and stop beating around the bush!

いってらっしゃい! -Have a good journey! -À tout à l´heure! -Halt die Ohren steif (love that expression)!

The one who wanna have a full passport