Odaiba Spring Mood

Odaiba お台場 is a phenomena in Tokyo. It´s an artificial island, built up in the bay of Tokyo, primarily to give space for huge shopping malls and companies like Fuji TV. There is an underground station as well in order to make it achievable for everyone, but the most beautiful connection between continent and island is the two-storied Rainbow Bridge. The bridge is one of Tokyo´s attractions and definitely a thing to see if you´re coming around here. Furthermore there is a beach situated next to the malls with a fabulous view on the Tokyo skyline (especially in the evening).
The time I took these pictures was still in the period of early spring, just before the buds of the Sakura blossoms opened. The weather was yet a bit fresh, but nevertheless the sun permitted a wonderful little walk on the beach, where I bumped into a swarm of gulls enjoying the windy weather.


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