Kyoto´s and Osaka´s Histories

The central south region of Japan´s major island Honshuu, known as the Kansai (関西地方) region is a significant monument of Nihon´s history. Its roots are going back deeply, especially to the Edo-period, as it is demonstrated by impressing buildings and quarters in towns like Kyoto, Osaka and Nara. To get the feel of all the ancients landmarks of centuries assembled in one place you have to spend a bunch of weeks. World War II was a time of irretrievable destruction for the ancient Japan, in spite of the Southern Center which was spared as for respect.
Here are some few captures of experiencing Osaka and then Kyoto with my eyes- unfortunately I only saw a tiny bit of the cities. I really hope to travel those towns once again to complete (or at least continue) my bucket list. Both towns are full-packed of history and have nevertheless a tropical flair caused by the weather conditions. I think it´s quite lovelier to travel them in spring or autumn those are definitely my favourite seasons in Japan.
So here are some impressions of Osaka 大阪 and Kyoto 京都.

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