Asakusa and Sky Tree

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As I visited Asakusa a couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to take some nice pics of the environment which is one of the most popular traditional areas in Tokyo.  After visiting the temples and park we decided to include Tokyo Skytree in our trip as there is just a bridge to cross between these two attractions. Amusingly these two spots are quite near to each other but nevertheless show two completely different sides of Tokyo: The tradition on one side and then the modern-high tech tower (2nd highest building in the world), history beneath 21st century. Skytree was as always very crowded and we had to queue up over 40 minutes, but the view we got finally was totally worth it. It was already evening we got on the Tree and the city under our feet was shining with its traffic lights. It´s an overwhelming feeling standing there and looking over millions of people´s heads, millions of streets, stories and lights. So Tokyo Sky Tree is apart from its crowds definitely one of my favourite public attractions.

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