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I´m Victoria, a 16-year old open-minded, curious Austrian and since the beginning of August 2016 a lucky Exchange student in Japan. I got the possibility to attend a German school in Yokohama and recently settled in the biggest city in the world: Tokyo, the town of Shibuya Crossing (thousands of people) and Akihabara (technic freaks-district), but also of the ancient Asakusa shrine and a bunch of temples.
Tryin to acclimatize a little in my new home, I´ve been studying Japanese for several months and to get used to the totally different habits here. Japan and Austria is quite a distance so I´ll literally be an adventure to live here.  I will be trying to collect as much experiences as I can, travel a lot, bond with many people and step into a new society with a smile in my face. I want to come around, eat, sing, talk and grow. And I hope I can achieve a little bit of that.

Talking a bit about myself….hmm what would be interesting to know? I´ve a lot of hobbies, as reading a bunch of books, writing crazy stuff (including these blog now) and I am literally addicted to good home-brewed coffee and green tea. Music is one of my biggest passions, playing, exercising (as there is a difference!) and listening as well. I often spend much time playing the piano and try to improve everyday by improvising and trying to play some great compositions (which breaks my fingers  from time to time).
I am literally keen on everything that has to do with languages. I (naturally) learned English in school and also French for about two years and I love expressing myself in these ways. Recently Japanese exercising started and it was fairly difficult in the beginning but I try to get better. I think languages are essential to get in touch with new cultures, make acquaintances and friendships. They can be a barrier but don´t have to if you are willing to improve and get to know something excitingly new. You naturally get a thorough insight in a different society and lifestyle. That´s one of the reasons why I decided to write this blog in English and not in German which would´ve been probably simpler.
Karate has also been one of my hobbies for some years and I hope that I can continue training  here in Japan which would be phenomenal. Time schedule might get a little bit tight but I hope that I can reconcile everything.
I used to be a little introvert up until a while ago so I spent my afternoons mainly with writing. With the years I lost the time for practising that hobby and I hope with this blog I can reactivate it a little bit more.

If I had to describe myself, I would probably say that I always try to keep all different perspectives in life in mind, whether it has to do with cultures, gender, society, education, school, work, travel, art and even food. I try to think about things (but not too much) and remember me of the two sides of the medal. That isn´t always the easiest thing to do but I try.
I don´t have an exact plan for my life yet. I don´t have a bucket list as much other travellers what to do before they die because I imagine the disappointment if you can´t handle everything. Nevertheless I have some aims I dream and work for to achieve some day that would make my time useful.

“I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I´ll go to it laughing.” – Hermann Melville

So enough babbling about me. I hope you are a little interested in Japan and its culture (it´s really worth a view), so look around a little on my site if you want to! You can find one of my first trips outside Tokyo here and a portfolio of a big event´s photographs there.  Have a good day and look for new adventures on the road!

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